Antidote to cynanide-like poisoning by Olanzapine/Zyprexa (possibly including other “Antidepressants”, “Anti-psychotics”)

The following excerpt is published from my notes from around 2012. I publish it with the hope that it can help anyone else who find themselves in a similar situation. ~~~ Antidote to cyanide-zyprexa poisoning ? – > Chemistry – Olanzapine can be prepared starting from malononitrile and propionaldehyde:[75] Malononitrile, also propanedinitrile, is […]

Is Earth too Isolationist and Introverted ?

It was SETI@Home that got me thinking about this. There’s certainly a huge space community, NASA, ESA, the International Space Station as well as various exploration missions. But all of them (that we know of) are within this Solar System, apart from Voyager. Is lack of contact with intelligent civilisations “out there” because they aren’t […]

Building Latest Gimp from Github

I followed this excellent guide and ended up with the latest Gimp shown in the screenshot above … Building GIMP for artists and photographers Here’s the sequence of commands I used. Actually starting Gimp if you already have Gimp installed can be tricky. Here’s the script I use based on the one in the guide. […]

Example PBR screenshots from UE4 Blueprints Office Level

These PBR screenshots are taken in the editor with everything turned up full, apart from antialiasing which is dialled down low because I find it blurs too much out. The editor was in “Play mode”. F9 is used to take the screenshot. To me this is just like “instant render” having been used to using […]