Psychiatry Compared to Corruption in the FBI, Psychiatry as a Despotic Domestic Security Service

Source: Dr. Gorka Compares #Obamagate to Banana Republic Despotism. Communism has been trying to take over the world for decades. It’s not something that’s “like something from a James Bond film“, that’s what the James Bond film’s were about ! After the fall of the Soviet Union the Communists, in all their Progressive, Liberal and Socialist […]

Maybe the Total Destruction of Psychiatry is Happening Quicker Than I Thought !

“A third of medical students may be put off psychiatry as a career choice by stigmatisation” Source: Anti BASH webpage, Royal College of Psychiatrists. The web page continues … “There is clear evidence of ‘psychiatry-bashing’ throughout medical schools by many groups of students and teachers. Students starting medical school with an interest in mental health considering […]

The Left and the Anti-psychiatry movement

This is my point in my previous blog post. The entire movement to abolish Psychiatry is filled with figures from the Left; Bruce Levine – Anti-Trump posts, here, here, and here, and many more. R D Laing. Foucault, an incredibly messed up Sado-masochistic homosexual. Erich Fromm. The Wikipedia page on Anti-psychiatry has this quote … […]

Assassins Creed Origins: Tuned settings for AMD R9 380

UPDATE: I started understanding what the graphics settings are doing by reading this guide. It also pointed out that Volumetric Clouds needs to be turned off. So after some tuning I decided to publish my settings. At the moment this seems to give the best balance between performance and visual quality on my AMD R9 […]